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   AFFORDABLE Same-Day Delivery
   throughout Southern California

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First 10 miles and 50 lbs. included!
Car Service      Cost Typical P/U ETA* Typical D/O ETA* Weight (over 50 lbs.) Distance (over 10 miles)
ASAP : $31.25Within 1 hourWithin 2 hours$0.20 per pound$3.50 per mile
Rush : $25.00Within 2 hoursWithin 4 hours$0.20 per pound$2.75 per mile
Same Day : $22.50Within 3 hoursWithin 6 hours$0.20 per pound$2.50 per mile
Pricing shown above is for a compact car, Monday - Friday, from 7AM to 5PM. Afterhours, weekends & holidays by request.
Vans and trucks also available. Use the Instant Delivery Quote tool for rates. All service is subject to driver availability.
10% FSC applied at checkout. Pricing subject to changes, Terms and Conditions.
* ETAs are for deliveries under 20 miles and are subject to traffic conditions. ETAs increase with mileage and during rush-hour.
Save time, gas and the environment.  Enough unnecessary driving!
"When you can't email it...Gofer It!"™
Gofer It! is the affordable solution to the challenge of same-day delivery, enabling local businesses and individuals to move things quickly and easily. Imagine sending your products or picking up your purchases as efficiently as you order pizza, with a single call and immediate results. Gofer It! makes this dream a reality.

With the easy-to-use Gofer It! Web App you can move just about anything from Point A to Point B, often in under an hour!
  • Businesses: Make unlimited deliveries of your products to local customers
  • Trades: Get that crucial missing part delivered
  • Home: Have almost anything you've ordered at local stores picked up and delivered
Curious how it works? Read about the Gofer It! model.

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